Problem with economic growth

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Is it just me, or is it extremely obvious?

I am not an economic expert, but if one listens to those guys talking on the radio/tv, it sounds like:

Our economic system is only able to sustain itself, as long as it grows at least a few percent every year.

But we do live in a world with limited resources, and if one believes those guys talking about "economic footprint" and such, we are already WAAAAYY past the point of sustainable resources usage.

Okey, I guess if you are extremly pro economy and contra green-movement you could have the opinion that by the time we truly have problems sustaining our economic growth by earths resources, we will have begun to colonize other planets, but if you look at the ever increasing number of natural disasters it is quite realistic that human induced climate change is happening, and I think of that as sign of overuse of earths natural resources.

How is it possible that we're not in an all out discussion about how we can transform our economy into one, that functions without every increasing growth?! (please comment!..)