The time we got

Time – Nullius in verba

10^2 years
On conservative concepts

10^9 years
On Earth, in it’s current orbit

10^13 years
On infra red light from red dwarfs

10^83 years
On Hawking Radiation from super massive black holes


To put that into perspective, past times:

10^2.6 years
Existence of modern science

10^4 years
Existence of human agriculture

10^6.5 years
Existence of Anatomically modern humans

10^9.6 years
Age of Life on Earth

10^9.7 years
Age of our solar system

10^10 years
Age of the universe


For clarification, when I estimate that we got 100 years left if we stick to conservative ideas (doing stuff as we do, because we always did it that way), I don’t mean we can continue like that and start rethinking our ways then. That probably won’t work.

We need to use those 100 years to come up with a more sustainable life style. Otherwise at least our global civilization will cease to exist, and with some bad luck all human life with it.

WordPress modifications

Okey, so for documentational purposes, to be able to reconstruct this wordpress setup:

  1. download and unpack
  2. browse to it and complete the setup, entering the mysql details
  3. remove the wordpress link from wp-includes/default-widgets.php line 299 (this is the last entry from meta widget, one could of course rebuild the linklist another way, but I wanted it just like that only without the link to easier in my eyes)
  4. remove the “powered by” div from wp-content/themes/twentyeleven/footer.php lines 25-28
  5. there’s a little bug in the twentyeleven design: for normal desktop-sized browsers this wordpress theme shows the search-box besides the menu, for which the menue must be told to end where the search-box starts. But for smaller browser-widths it moves the search bar into the logo, therefore the menu could take all the space. However only the search-box “top” rule is conditional and the padding of the menu is non-conditional, this looks stupid on small browser-windows. therefore search this rule and make it conditional as shown:
    @media (min-width: 650px) {
     #branding .only-search + #access div {
      padding-right: 205px;
  6. Write this stuff up 😉 and adept the settings in the wp-admin interface to your likings